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Wilcox Door Service Inc., established in 1912, is the oldest and largest door company in Canada. Our staff consists of professional engineers, technologists, electricians and CWB-certified welders, committed to delivering your facility with ongoing performance and quality. Our customer commitment and work plan ensures our processes are controlled and deliver consistent quality for both Products and Service. Many units, not surprisingly, are still safe and have been fully operational for more than 80 years.


Our Parts and Service Division includes over thirty fully stocked and cellular dispatched Service Vehicles that provide 24-Hour Emergency Service with trained personnel including certified Electricians and Welders. We operate in Mississauga, Hamilton and Cambridge in an effort to ensure our GTA customers receive 2-hour response time with a more than adequate inventory of on-demand parts readily available. Further, we utilize our service maintenance database to leverage advanced planning and budgeting to ensure the longest life-cycle of your capital investment.


Our Hamilton division, Richards-Wilcox Custom Systems-Crane, has over 90 years of experience providing solutions for materials-handling issues through crane installation and Planned Maintenance. Through regular inspections by trained technicians, equipment life is prolonged by preventing wear and tear and improving overall system reliability. Furthermore, Planned Maintenance helps to prevent sudden equipment failure, decrease replacement equipment costs and system downtime. As a progressive company, Wilcox will continue to support it's world-class product providers for its customers now and in the future.


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Wilcox Door Service Inc. is a diversified company with three divisions, Select Overhead Door, Richards-Wilcox Custom Systems-Cranes. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Wilcox Door competes world-wide with a wide range of industrial products. The Wilcox reputation for quality without compromise has been earned day by day, year by year.  We provide solutions to customer needs rather than standardized products.


The Richards-Wilcox Code:
"Believing that our business is primarily to serve the community by making good hardware and that success
is a natural result of good service. To work hard in order that by increasing the per capita production of goods
we may add our quota to the common wealth out of which all prosperity is derived."


William H. Fitch, President of Richards-Wilcox 1913


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The Wilcox Staff work to meet quality standards through designing, developing and manufacturing products. We adhere to quality control standards verified by both internal and external audits, consistently reconfirming the commitment of every employee. Commitment to quality is the single most important ingredient added to every product made, by every employee who contributes.

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