Fast fold freezer door installation Fast fold freezer door installation


The Rytec Fast-Fold Freezer door was the first high-speed door created for cooler and freezer applications. Wilcox selects these doors for their durability and performance in cold storage environments. It includes 3 defrost systems ensuring that the door remains virtually frost-free in any condition.

Energy-loss is also reduced due to the insulated head and side frames. As well as the sealed panel assembly, combined with fast opening and closing speeds. The cooler and freezer doors open at up to 84 inches per second for improved traffic flow with added PVC panels, providing great visibility and added safety for interior applications. Fast-Fold is engineered to last millions of cycles with minimal maintenance.


It is critical when working with food that doors protecting temperature controlled areas be routinely inspected and adjusted. Wilcox is very familiar with Rytec products and several other leading cooler and freezer door manufacturers. Inquire about affordable maintenance programs that reduce the risk of contamination in your facility.

Industry Type: Cold storage, Food and Pharmaceutical Plants


  • Heavy-duty material built for durability and withstanding impacts
  • Maintains temperatures and improves traffic flow
  • Opening and closing speeds allowed for more environmental control


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