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Hands-Free Technology

Hands-Free Technology

As our world continues to change and adapt to the new environments and safety requirements, Wilcox continues to find new innovative solutions to meet our customers needs. Hands-free technology has become a high demand product for pedestrian doors, shipping doors, drive-thru doors, and washroom doors. Wilcox can offer solutions to all needs, including an option of management from one mobile device! See below for the products that we offer.


The wave activation device is an aesthetically pleasing, touch-less activation device designed to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial settings. The wave activation device has been purpose-built to withstand the extreme rigours of fast-paced and sanitary environments.

The flush-mount wave activation device is a durable stainless steel device, utilizing adjustable-range microwave technology.

The wave activation device’s illuminated centre and audible signalling confirms activation and encourages proper touch-less use.

The device can detect moving objects such as a hand, cart or wheelchair and is designed for use in hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, food service and other areas needing highly accessible and germ-free activation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • High-visibility; illuminated blue centre changes to green upon activation
  • Adjustable detection zone
  • Activation alerts
  • Adjustable hold time
  • Universally compatible with all automatic doors


The accessibility wave activation device is the Industry’s first low-profile touch-less actuator plate utilizing unique capacitive technology for the activation of automatic doors.

The hands-free unit includes a stainless steel faceplate and an illuminated LED mounting ring for unparalleled durability, visibility and convenience.

The unit blends form with function into an aesthetically pleasing design that is ideal for healthcare facilities, labs, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, wash-down areas and a variety of other applications; it helps reduce the spread of germs or bacteria.

Features & Benefits:

  • Short range detection zone reduces unwanted activations
  • LED illuminated mounting ring increases visibility
  • Stainless steel faceplate is ideal for harsh environments
  • Various faceplate graphic options available
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Inter-operates with all automatic door control makes and models


The LZR-Microscan T is a Laser-based sensor system designed for automatic swing doors.

Utilizing time-of-flight technology, the device eliminates the limitations of infrared-based devices. Its background independence eliminates nuisance detections caused by changing weather and floor conditions, while gyroscopes sense the movement of the door for accurate positioning.

The LZR also provides the customer with an additional non-contact safety device for commercial doors as it is a sensor!

Benefits & Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Highly accurate detection
  • Built-in troubleshooting
  • UL 10B/C listed; Fire rated for up to three hours


The fly kit is the industry’s most compact passive infrared (PIR) sensor, ideal for request to exit (REX) applications.

This low-cost, versatile sensor can be surface mounted above any door or recessed in the ceiling.

Its flexibility and low profile design make it an effective sensor for managing building security and traffic flow.

Features & Benefits:

  • Precise infrared detection
  • Adjustable access settings
  • Low profile design


Liftmaster MyQ is a smart technology that enables Maintenance and Property Managers to control multiple entrances, multiple properties, and gather reporting all from one app on their phone. It provides total access to track and control access through multiple vehicle and pedestrian entrances and gives you notifications when a door or gate is being used as well as being able to remotely suspend users if required. All of your equipment can be connected either through Wifi from the Operators, or directly plugged into your ethernet cables.

Please watch this video to learn more!

Industry Type: Can be used for all industry types including Property Management applications (for example Hotels, Condo Buildings, Apartments or commercial facilities) as well as for any industry that has shipping and receiving (Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cross Dock Facilities and Logistics!).


  • Reduce germ spread and improve accessibility
  • Provides reporting so managers know who is using which doors/gates and for what purpose
  • Energy reporting on how long those doors have been opened
  • Get notifications when an entry code is being overused
  • Ability to log in anywhere or access the mobile application to review your business
  • Set up usage alerts for when maintenance is required to reduce downtime

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