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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850


Overhead Cranes

Pre-engineered single & double girder cranes deliver up to 10 & 75 ton capacities, respectively with up to 100’ spans. Custom engineered and special-purpose cranes including Powerhouse, Gantry and Explosion-Proof models delivering up to 300 ton capacities.

Richards-Wilcox Monorail systems are engineered from the highest quality materials for durability and in standardized modules for flexibility. They provide the performance needed today with the built-in capacity for expansion required for tomorrow. (NEEDS TO CHANGE) Since overhead cranes are extremely useful to the point of ubiquity in fabrication, and construction industries, businesses can lose a lot of revenue if their cranes breakdown, or malfunction. Floor space is crucial, and valuable in any facility that involves large-scale manufacturing, and the absence of a full-functioning overhead crane can delay their operations, or force them to use less efficient machinery. The following is a breakdown of the benefits of overhead cranes:

Industry Type: Commercial and multi-tenant, fire halls and EMS, Automotive dealership, warehouse, agricultural, manufacturing, transit and truck terminals, pulp and paper, underground parking, high security

Benefits:(Needs to be put in your own words)

  • No obstructions on the factory floor
  • Ability to operate at high speeds
  • Capacity to lift extremely heavy loads
  • More control over loads
  • Ability to stack items higher

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