Air Curtain Installation Brewery

Better energy-efficiency through air curtains

Earlier this year, Wilcox Door Service installed air curtains in an independently owned microbrewery located in the Halton Region. The brewery ships Canada wide and is known in parts of the U.S. The brewery has two locations with fairly large warehouses where they make and store their beer. Beer should be treated as a food product whether it is or isn’t pasteurized. The brewery was looking to provide a consistent temperature throughout while reducing the energy losses. Wilcox Door recommended using air curtains in both buildings for several reasons. On hot days, when doors are open for shipping and receiving purposes, the air curtain will act as a barrier against airborne dust and pollution. Which provides a level of protection from contaminant entering the brewing process. On cold days, the air curtain provides enormous energy savings, not to mention a more comfortable working environment for employees. These equate to huge financial savings

At the end, the installation of these air curtains where a simple and energy-efficient way to protect the area around the loading dock in both buildings. As a added benefit, a percentage was covered under an energy savings incentive program. See a demonstration of the Air Curtains we carry.