Industrial Loading Dock and Overhead Garage Door Facility Repair

Industrial loading docks and garage doors are vital pieces of equipment that your facility cannot afford to have inoperable. Wilcox understands the need to diagnose issues quickly and get your operation back up and running. Our strength lies in facility repair & maintenance services. This means having commonly used parts in stock on all of our service vehicles to make our on-site repairs more efficient. This ensures that your loading dock, high-speed doors, garage doors and other facility equipment can be serviced during the initial visit. We have several certified technicians that come from the food, pharmaceutical or automotive industry which provides a unique insight on how to repair your equipment effectively. Call us if you are in need of any commercial equipment repairs.

The importance of doing repairs now and not later

  • Safety – does this equipment have the potential to harm staff or customers?
  • Downtime costs – what you don’t repair now can lead to complete replacement which can have costly delays.

Common Industrial Equipment Repairs

Industrial equipment requires a certain amount of upkeep or maintenance to maximize longevity and ensure safe operation. Facility equipment like garage door service and repair and loading dock repair are items need immediate attention. With a Wilcox Planned Maintenance program, we schedule inspections at regular intervals to determine areas that need attention and to monitor the parts that need replacing. When it comes to industrial repairs & equipment maintenance services, they are handled quickly to get our clients back up and running.

damaged overhead door

Sectional Door Repairs

Damaged sectional doors can be a recurring problem in any facility. Usually, sectional door repairs are a more apparent problem in the colder months but fortunately most repairs can be completed promptly with minimal downtime

Broken Overhead door spring

Worn Overhead Door Parts

Overhead door springs are a vital part of an overhead door.  They are responsible for opening your doors and if they are maintained improperly, the door can cause serious harm to your staff.

Wilcox Door Service loading dock repairs

Loading Dock Repair

Lip not retracting – There can be several reasons why a loading dock is not retracting but it is a definite safety concern that can lead to slow downtime.

Just some of the products we carry and service...

We carry and service over 50 of the top brands in the industrial repair industry. With over 100 years of combined experience, there is no door, dock, air curtain or any other industrial product we have not been able to fix in a timely manner. Call us quickly if you see a potential problem growing. Here are a few of the brands: