At Wilcox we are well aware of the issues we are currently facing in regards to climate change and the devastating effects it is having on our planet. As a result, we put a lot effort into reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Tree Canada

Wilcox is partnered with Tree Canada to offset our emission output and reduce our carbon footprint. For every service call we perform to a customer on our Planned Maintenance Program, we plant a tree.


Wilcox Recycling Programs

In addition to our offsetting partnership, Wilcox’s focus is also to reduce our waste internally. We have recycling programs in place to reduce our paper, cardboard and steel waste. We have dedicated bins for our sections, steel and re-use bins as well. All office staff have recycling bins to recycle any paper that is no longer required. Take a walk through our facility and see all the efforts in action!

Other Efforts

Wilcox continues to implement new ways of reducing our carbon footprint. This includes digital dispatching, remote work where applicable, G.O.O.S.E. (Good on One Side paper policies). We are always looking for new ways to continue these efforts and will be the leader in our industry when it comes to the environment

Our Environmental Practices

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Reducing Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint by using all the outlined methods.

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Offsetting our Footprint

We offset our footprint by utilizing programs like Tree Canada.

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Recycling Efforts

Through our steel recycling, general recycling and standards in place we reduce our waste output.

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Improving Efficiency

We have put concerted efforts into improving our lighting, equipment and roofing to ensure we are reducing our gas output.

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Going Digital

We are working to go digital in every facet of our business to reduce our paper usage and waste.

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Volunteering Tree Planting

With such an active team, we engage in tree planting volunteering.

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Multiple Ways We Can All Help The Environment

As we have stated, there are several methods we use to help improve the environment. The opportunities we can help you as a company or the ways you can contribute to our efforts are vast! Utilizing a company like us for your Planned Maintenance Programs allows us to plant a tree for every service call you place. We can help you find efficiencies with energy saving solutions like Air Curtains, Dock Seals, SafeDrive Doors, High Speed Doors and DynaHoist Operators!


Tree's Planted Annually


Energy Rebates Provided for Customers


Passionate Employees Improving our Environment!

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