Commercial loading dock and door Installation

Commercial Door Installation Services

When it comes to commercial or industrial doors, possibilities are endless so choosing one can be hard decision. Fortunately, our commercial door installation experts at Wilcox Door Service can recommend the best solution for your application. Even more, customers can choose from some of the top brands in commercial door manufacturing like Richards-Wilcox, TNR and many more. Door installation be a tricky job, with problems like uneven walls, running power and other safety related concerns. We have certified welders and electricians onsite, to ensure a professional door installation happens.

Once your door installation has been completed, it’s important to have routine maintenance done to lengthen the performance. Book a free onsite quote.

Loading Dock Installation Services

Having your loading dock leveler installed correctly is crucial to safely loading and unloading of goods from your trailer. There are various operating systems, configurations and pit styles to choose from some of which are;

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Air Powered
  • Vertical Stored
  • Edge-of-Dock

After determining the right dock for your application many factors go into the planning and installation. Installation can take upwards of 3 days from cutting the pit, concrete curing, dropping in the new dock and running safety checks. Some instances, a structural engineer is needed and always a master electrician. Typically, replacing a loading dock can be turned around in a day. Routine loading dock maintenance is key to efficiency and longevity so you don’t experience unexpected downtime.

Other Equipment Installation

Our equipment installation services stretch far beyond commercial doors and loading docks. Property managers and building supervisors need to take into consideration other equipment that will keep their visitors and staff safe. Check out our full range of product offering here to review what we are capable of. Learn more

Dock Seals Installation

Dock seals replacement

Dock seals installed correctly are energy efficient, but more importantly protect the opening from damage by trailers backing up. Proper planning and design needs to be considered before installing. Dock seal gaps can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy loss. Begin a quote.

Air Curtain Installation

Powered Air Curtain

One of the key factors that determine if an air curtain will be effective is how its positioned over the opening. If not installed properly the controlled stream of air across the opening won’t create that seal from the outside environment. Learn more air curtains.

Security Gate and Fencing Installation

Gate Operator

Condominiums, government buildings and military bases all rely on some sort of security gate system to protect staff and goods. As a result, we specialize in the installation and servicing of commercial security gate and fencing at great prices. Furthmore, quality fencing can be installed to enhance the beauty of your property. Books a free site visit