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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Door

Choosing a Commercial Bi-fold Door

Commercial bi-fold doors are available in a wide range of configurations and can be installed in almost any application. Maybe you are letting in light for your storefront restaurant and a four-leaf bi-fold design is what you need. An example of a more standard application would be their use in airports and military bases to store large planes and vehicles. Bi-fold doors have a huge advantage because they open either upwards or fold vertically requiring less operating space. If space is an issue, choosing one of these configurations allows for more usable space in front of your door openings.

Wilcox Door Service has the capabilities to repair and perform routine maintenance anywhere in the GTA and Southern Ontario.

We are also proud to provide revolutionary Schweiss Doors with strong, patented polyester lift straps for increased speed and quiet operation. These doors are known for not having cables, clamps or pulleys while still being able to latch at every position during operation.

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Industry Type: Aviation, Military, Security


  • Easy to maintain
  • Open door evenly, safely & provide longevity
  • 2 Piece door design take up less space and put less stress on your building
  • Can be tightly insulated to save energy
  • The door will not bow or sag over time

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