As every industry has specific requirements, automotive facilities must cater to a fast-paced environment where vehicles are constantly moving in and out of dealerships, mechanic shops, car washes and detailing centres. Our experts can recommend the right automotive door aimed at safety for your workers and customers while maximizing energy efficiency for your property.  From high speed doors, upgraded operators, high-volume low speed (HVLS) fans to circulate air, and general maintenance, we carry many affordable options to suit your business without compromising on quality.



Large warehouse rubber door air barrier outside view

Porsche Downtown Dealership, Toronto ON - High Speed Door Installation

Wilcox is involved with a car wash project that has the potential to be one of the biggest in Ontario. We knew this type of innovative car wash needed a high speed door that was very energy efficient, created a superior seal and had a short cycle time  for better climate control. Wilcox installed Richards-Wilcox Polycarbonate Sectional Doors, a high quality product with a reputation of longevity in applications similar to this project.



Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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