Commercial Facility Equipment Upgrades

We understand that it is not always financially ideal for some businesses to upgrade to the latest equipment. Management is unwilling to make an upfront investment in new equipment if it the existing equipment has not failed. When a dock or door fails, the first option is to repair it and extend the life of the equipment. When you’re on the Wilcox Planned Maintenance Program, we assess what parts can be easily upgraded.  This can save you thousands by avoiding having to buy new equipment. Our technicians will assess if the equipment is safe to operate.  If repairs are required, we can provide options that are within your budget.

How much does an commercial overhead door really cost?

Commercial overhead doors are exterior sectional doors.  They provide an entrance for your business to receive goods, or for vehicles to enter and exit property. Doors open in various formats depending on your space and your desired needs. They must provide the desired level of security, appearance, and weather sealing properties.

Some businesses are under the impression that these doors range from $1000 – $2000, and this is not the case. The typical cost of a fully installed average industrial overhead sectional door replacement will vary.  Factors such as door grade, size, glass content, finish, accessories and labour are considered, but most quotes start at $3,500. If you find a lower price, beware, because the quality may have you replacing it again in under 2 years.

$3,500 - $14,500

National Average of Sectional Door Replacement

Remember the quality of door you choose can also save energy costs in the long run.

When is it time to upgrade?

There are some cases where loading docks, overhead or highspeed doors have to be replaced for staff and customer safety. It will also improve productivity and eliminate downtime.

Dock Seal damage mississauga

Parts can become obsolete or deterioration is too extensive. High cycle doors will eventually succumb to use, environmental conditions or even internal damage.  This can create a safety concern and will need to be addressed immediately.

ONTCanada red

Government or industry guidelines may force you to upgrade your equipment.  Newer products can improve the health and safety of the workplace or patrons.

wilcox door energy rebate

Energy Rebates – Utility companies will often offer businesses large rebates.  These rebates are an incentive to upgrade or replace existing equipment.  In turn, businesses lower their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient.