Fire Door Drop Testing Importance

Fire Door Drop Testing is a mandatory requirement by law in Canada that helps building owners, risk managers and property managers mitigate risk and ensure their buildings are prepared for a fire emergency (source: NFPA 80).

It is the employers responsibility to ensure that these doors are in working condition. The best way to do that is to use a company like Wilcox, that has trained professionals to perform drop tests.

Check out this video for a basic overview of Fire Door Drop Testing:

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The Drop Testing Process

There are several steps that are performed to ensure that your fire doors are passable to the standards of the law:

  1. There needs to be 2 people present on all drop tests. One to perform the work and the other to act as a witness.
  2. Performance of a visual inspection of the door overall; this includes the guides, curtain, slats, end-locks, bottom bar, hood and any product that could be used for operating the door.
  3. We check that all the fire door mechanisms (such as fusible links or any release device) are not painted, overly dirty or covered with anything.
  4. RunĀ  the door through a cycle (open and close) and inspect if there are any further performance issues.
  5. Fill out the necessary information on the DASMA Drop Test form.
  6. Perform the 1st drop test. NFPA guidelines state that the door must close slower than 24 inches per second, but faster than 6 inches per second.
  7. Perform a 2nd drop test. The first drop test is to ensure the proper operation and closing of the door. The second is to ensure that the closing device was properly reset.

The Documentation & Next Steps

After we perform the drop test, there are two scenarios that can happen.

  1. Your doors all pass the drop test:
    • You will be provided a DASMA Drop Test Form copy for your records. You can show these to an auditors or in case of any emergency.
    • Your door will have a DASMA Drop Test sticker affixed to it. This will show the last time it was inspected and by who.
  2. Your doors do not pass the drop test:
    • If this situation occurs, we will need to repair the door so it does pass the test. This can come in the form of service repair work, or a quotation.
    • Upon the completed repair work, we will re-drop test the doors.


Why Choose Wilcox for Drop Tests?

Wilcox Training

Wilcox takes Fire Door Drop Testing very seriously. We have been performing this work for several decades and are leaders when it comes this service. All of our technicians have gone through industry training for Fire Doors. All of our sales representatives have gone through industry trainingĀ  as well.

Proactive Solutions

Solution providing is in Wilcox’s DNA. When we combine the Drop Test Service with a Planned Maintenance Agreement, the magic really starts to happen! With our technicians seeing your equipment more often, we will be catching any minor items well before it comes to your drop tests. This allows us to have these doors working and ensuring a pass when the drop test comes.

Risk Mitigation

With our training, solutions and passion for Fire Doors, we help our customers mitigate any risks when it comes to their fire doors. We look at the whole picture to ensure that the solution will solve all needs and mitigate the risk on the employer/building owner.

Following Canadian Law

NFPA 80 has made this a mandatory law in Canada to get your Fire Door Drop Tests performed. Trust the company that has a dedicated department to maintenance and drop testing. We ensure that you are being communicated with and your drop tests are being booked in a timely fashion.

Having Documentation

We provide all documentation, recommended fixes and ensure that you are covered if all your doors pass and auditors come; or incase of emergency.

National Service Coverage
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