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Why Choose Planned Preventative Maintenance Programs?

Be Proactive – Not Reactive. Always anticipate something going wrong on your busiest day. A Planned Maintenance or Preventative Maintenance Program is often overlooked by organizations. Schedule maintenance and inspecting equipment should be top priority to avoid unexpected repair bills. A loading dock safety issue, garage door repair service, or a high speed door that stops being high speed. Most companies don’t take into account that when equipment isn’t working – employees are waiting around for things to get fixed and productivity is lost. Without service and maintenance your ultimately throwing money down the drain. Facilities that do not experience these issues, have Preventative Maintenance programs in place – a schedule service that minimizes downtime and productivity loss. With this service our goal at Wilcox is to help you avoid any unexpected emergency repair work by routinely inspecting equipment with our certified technicians.

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Scheduled Maintenance Protects Your Warranty

When you invest thousands into your new piece of equipment, preventative maintenance can ensure its longevity. Some product warranties can be null & void if scheduled equipment maintenance is not performed. But like a new car, if oil change services are not routinely done and the car malfunctions, the dealership will state that your car’s warranty is void because it was not maintained properly. With our Planned Equipment Maintenance program, Wilcox will protect your investment on repairs to: commercial garage doors, loading docks, security gates, air curtains and other facility products. Request Schedule Maintenance Appointment!

50+ Point Inspection. No Contracts Schedule Maintenance. No Unexpected Downtime.

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Prepare for the worst, plan for Wilcox

Most companies still view any type of Planned Maintenance program for their facility as a waste time and money. If you have scheduled maintenance then you can get reports on parts or total product replacement ahead of time. You can guarantee your warranty and avoid being hit with an unexpected repair bill. Want to lengthen the life of your equipment? Fill out the form now to learn more about pricing.


Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Routine:



Reduce Downtime

When your equipment is regularly maintained, you minimize costly downtime and maximize the longevity of your equipment. This also helps to avoid the stress of unexpected large repair bills.



Regularly Scheduled Service Appointments

Instead of waiting for something to break, we routinely schedule inspections and adjustment services to avoid any future operational downtime.



Covers over 50 checkpoints

Our maintenance program is comprised of a detailed process that provides valuable insights into activities such as cleaning, repairs, lubrication and equipment adjustments to prevent reactive future calls.



Reduce Emergency Calls

Emergency service calls for repairs are incredibly expensive when it comes to productivity and  having to expedite replacement parts. Routine service & maintenance can avoid costly emergency service calls and extend the life of your equipment.



Facility and Property Safety

To keep the liability off of you and to keep staff and customers safe, have a piece of mind know the equipment is being service and maintained with repairs and upgraded parts.



Master Technicians

We have technicians that are knowledgeable of all industry brands that perform all scheduled maintenance services. Our technicians are certified but also constantly training & obtaining new skills. They follow all safety guidelines to ensure an accident-free environment.



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Our technicians are certified and safety trained.

Skilled technicians are important in every industry. Having the right technician who is licensed and certified gives companies the confidence that any equipment maintenance is completed the right way. We choose the best technicians that not only know how to install and service equipment, but have the knowledge to conduct themselves safely around a work site. Dealing with companies that have barely adequate technicians will reflect in poor workmanship and could cause an endless (and expensive!) loop of getting the same issue repaired over and over again. When researching your next facility maintenance company, you want to make sure that their technicians have the required certifications and they have stellar service record.



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