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Machine guarding doors are an excellent solution to increase safety and productivity in your workplace.  They can help you by saving time, reducing the footprint of machinery and keeping down operating costs.  Industrial machine guarding doors are designed to reduce exposure to automation hazards by guarding your machinery while simultaneously protecting your employees.  Some key features of machine guarding doors include variable frequency drives (VFDs) for high cycle usage, fast opening and closing speeds, safety switches, photocells and other communication interfaces.  Machine guarding doors are often used in automotive, tool and die, packaging and similar manufacturing /assembly type facilities.

Limit risk with the right machine guarded door

  • Improve employee/operator safety by guarding against automation hazards like robot strike, arc flash, weld spatter and noise.
  • Increase floor space by reducing the footprint of your machinery. Automated guarding doors require a smaller operating space and the addition of a barrier increases the safety and usability of the surrounding area.
  • Machine guarding systems can increase productivity and output by enabling employees/operators to safely operate multiple machines without compromising safety.

Wilcox is partnered with ASSA Abloy, the leader in machine guard manufacturers so you know you are getting the best in safety door systems. There are several options for materials like aluminum or rubber which can be used for machine guarded systems, and several are mandated.  We recommend calling specialists like Wilcox to see what material would work best for your application.  If you are not quite sure if your automated device or system should be guarded, contact us for a FREE onsite visit so we can determine what guarding system is best suited for your business!

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