Next level compliance for manufacturing and patient care. Cleanliness monitoring, sterilized surfaces, packaging and quality control are just a few challenges for pharmaceutical plants and hospitals to remain compliant and produce quality products. At Wilcox, our knowledge of pharmaceutical processes, FDA and Canada Healthcare standards and industry grade products help clients like Bayer, Etobicoke General Hospital and Apotex maintain sterile environments, maximize productivity and minimize plant operation costs. One major challenge in these facilities is the risk of cross contamination. Each room needs to be sanitized to a high standard. Wilcox offers doors with a near airtight seal that protect your environment against humidity, drafts and outside particles.





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Our Safety Measures

Preventative or Planned Maintenance is an extremely important service to ensure that your door and dock loading equipment is properly maintained and in working condition. These visits occur 2-12 times a year and allow Wilcox to catch any of the small issues your equipment may have before they become larger issues.





Some of the brands we carry

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