Wilcox invests in the necessary training to ensure our technicians are properly educated to identify potential hazards. Being careful not to endanger themselves and others in the area. You’ll find some of the technicians that visit your site only think of productivity and getting the job done fast. The Wilcox approach is to establish a safety-conscious procedures to minimize risk to people, equipment and materials. We start by understanding the companies we’re servicing and any material concerns we might come in contact with. Furthermore, what safety equipment should be used and do we have the right certified technician to complete the work. The safe working practices and procedures allows us to complete a job successfully and reduce significant risks/liabilities for the company.


Investing in Safety

Preventing workplace related accidents is very important and can be avoided with the proper training. Wilcox wants to ensure that everybody is protected at work sites, so investing heavily into safety training is key.


Safety Assessment

Air Curtain Installation, Our technicians use a lot of scissor lifts to install all types of equipment. Watch members of our team safely install this air curtain and work from heights.




Technicians setting up for fire door droptests - new construction

Door technician inspecting operator control switch

Working From Heights

Everyone of our technicians have completed the working from heights training program. We install doors and other equipment at heights everyday so having knowledge of fall arrest and safety harness procedures can save lives.





technician working on a warehouse dock

Confined Space

In our industry our technicians are often in confined spaces so having training in emergency and rescue procedures is vital. Identifying entry/exit plans while on the work site keeps the job accident free.




machine with a lock out tag out tag on it

Lock out/Tag Out

This particular type of training is to control hazardous energy from equipment which essentially put it into a safe mode. Knowledge of the procedures can save someone from serious shock.



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Feel Confident knowing you are hiring technicians who are up-to-date with all their training and compliance this is minimal risk for you when completing projects onsite. Learn More



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ISN Network

To ensure we have industry best and most qualified contractors and suppliers we use ISN to verify their regulatory information and insurance. Learn More




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