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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Clean Room Doors


The Food Industry has the most comprehensive and stringent hygienic standards in the world; a combination of USDA, FDA, NSF, and ISO Standards. Fabricated of stainless steel or USDA-compliant materials, Clean-Roll allows wash-down with several sanitary design features.  These doors are low-maintenance and energy-conservative while providing the productivity benefits of a high-speed door for the food industry. With optional Drip-Safe guard, fragile food cargoes safely move through the doorway, protecting raw or processed foods from contaminants and moisture condensation. Drip-Safe is an automatic pneumatic drip-catch tray that moves under the roll drum when the door opens. When in place, the tray catches liquid residue from falling onto product as it passes through the doorway.

Industry Type: Food and Pharmaceutical Plants, Hospital, agricultural, manufacturing,


  • Sanitary design prevents contamination and germ manifestation
  • A near air tight seal
  • Fast speeds conserves energy and maintains constant climate control
  • Low maintain allowing for easy washdown

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