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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock Leveler - trouble free performance

Mechanical dock levelers combine excellent value with reliable performance offering the best solution in transferring your goods to and from trucks. Our goal at Wilcox Door Service is to provide you with the industry’s best Mechanical dock leveler and have our technicians service it to ensure product reliability. Also called mechanical loading dock leveler systems come in capacities of 25,000 – 50,000 lbs. Overall operation is simple; pull the release chain and allow the heavy-duty lift springs to go into action. The deck rises and the lip moves into the locked position. From there, a simple “walk the deck” is performed to lower it onto the truck bed. Furthermore, they are built to provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble free performance. Its semi-automatic operation requires no manual lifting. Mechanical dock levelers are simple design but come with many options that can add efficiency and safety to your business.

We service and repair all Hamilton and Toronto dock levelers 24/7 and be there in less than 3 hrs. Contact one of our dock solution specialist to recommend the best application for you.

Industry Type: Commercial and multi-tenant, fire halls and EMS, Automotive dealership, warehouse, agricultural, manufacturing, transit and truck terminals, pulp and paper, underground parking, high security

Mechanical Dock Leveler Benefits:

  • Built for strength: Able to withstand impact and handle the heaviest loads, with a 33% deck-to-beam weld ratio and up to 15-20% heavier than traditional dock levelers.
  • Exclusive lip lug and header plate designed for strength and eliminating pinch points.

Call 24/7 for Immediate Repairs of your dock levelers

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