BLUE GIANT blue and yellow hydraulic dock with white background


Hydraulic Dock Levelers come in capacities of 25,000 – 80,000 lbs which makes loading and unloading heavier goods more efficient with less risk of injury. Installing and servicing Toronto dock levelers is our specialty, ranging from 24/7 repairs to routine inspections. Quality hydraulic dock levelers have steel beams are strategically welded to maximize the deck strength and improve longevity. Dock leveler dimensions come in a few standard sizes depending opening and if your business needs to accommodate wider loads.  The deck cylinders also increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements. Depending on your application, this would result in a lower cost of ownership as compared to a Mechanical Dock Leveler. Talk to a Wilcox consultant about hydraulic dock leveler troubleshooting, installation or servicing.


  • Operated via a remote-mounted single push-button control for sequenced deck and lip operation
  • Operating range is up to 12″ (305 mm) above and 12″ (305 mm) below the dock leveler
  • Comes complete with a 1HP, Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) power pack system
  • A hydraulic velocity fuse that limits the loaded ramp’s free fall to within 3″ (76 mm)
  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while in the extended position
Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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