Forklift operator

Loading dock communication systems are critical for the safe loading and unloading of trucks and trailers. By using light signals and alarms to communicate to the driver and dock personnel, trailers are able to safely enter and exit loading dock areas.. Many accidents and costly damages can be avoided with a loading dock communication system to safely guide trailers in and out. Many dock levelers control box can be customized to work with existing loading dock equipment to improve safety and efficiency.

Furthermore, when have a light communication system you make it easy for truck drivers and forklift operators to identify which loading bays are available and safe for use. Contact one of Wilcox Door dock specialist and we can advise you on many dock communication options and configurations to protect your staff and docking equipment.


  • Durable components built to survive harsh weather conditions and accidental contact
  • Multiple light configurations and formats all to provide improved driver warning
  • Most dock leveler control box can be set to manual or automatic depending on your usage
Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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