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Industrial curtain walls within warehouses are very versatile and can be customized to many applications that require an enclosed area. The benefit of industrial curtain walls is that they are a cost effective way of dividing an area and the fabric can be designed to resist fire or any chemical splashes. Furthermore, the application use for the industrial curtain walls are almost endless and widely used in grocery stores, warehouses, pharmaceutical plants and car washes. These curtain walls are vital to protecting your employees, products and customers. The curtains we supply meet NFPA 701 and most fire standards.



  • Confining contaminants such as dust
  • Paint & primer Over spray
  • Grinding sparks
  • Water or chemical mist,
  • Controlling heat and cooling loss
  • Reducing noise levels


Depending on your industry one of our Wilcox Door experts can recommend the right type of industrial curtain wall for your business. Some popular curtain designs to specifically meet your facility need could be; automatic curtains, walk-through units, curved curtains, static curtain and/or the smoke barrier that self-operates at temperatures greater than 350°C. These units are typically used in airports, automotive industries, schools, timber industry, banks, historic monuments, warehouses, train stations and more. Wilcox Door Service can install and service any existing and custom curtains in the GTA, Hamilton Regions and Golden Horse area. We get service calls and install curtain wall systems for the following types; PVC Curtains, Wash Bay Curtains, Welding Curtains, Freezer Curtains, industrial outdoor curtains, custom tarps, fire & smoke curtains, body shop curtains and track repair.


Industry Type: Manufacturing & Assembly Plants, Car washes, School Gymnasium, Offices, Food Facility, Storage Facilities, Temporary Warehouses, Garages, Retail


General Features: 

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Flame Resistant Options
  • Any custom sizes or colours can be ordered
  • Resistant to most chemicals & mildew
  • Five-year curtain warranty/Lifetime hardware warranty*(Depending on brand)


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