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High-speed doors or fabric roll up doors are door systems, are widely used across industrial applications. They are ideal for high traffic flow industries like pharmaceutical plants, parking garages and auto dealerships. The main purpose of these high performance industrial doors is to act as a separation between two areas. In addition, their design provides a higher operating speed becoming more energy efficient thus saving energy.


The main difference is that the durable construction of the roll up door and all its moving parts. They are able to sustain a higher number of cycles (opening and closing cycles) and require lower maintenance and repair cost. Surprisingly, even with the roll up speed of these door systems they are one of the safest in the market. Depending on the door opening high speed door types are available in horizontal or vertical operating configurations.


Pharmaceutical grade doors are designed specifically to meet the operational and hygienic needs of pharmaceutical facilities around the world. They ensure it is compliant with cGMP guidelines, the tightest sealing, most reliable and high performance rolling door available. The high speed doors are manufactured from a rubbery membrane which makes it easy to clean and maintain sanitary conditions. Doors can be impacted from the opposite side and automatically be reset on its tracks. Providing unparalleled personnel and equipment safety.


High Speed Roll up Rubber Doors, are industrial-grade built to last a lifetime with the ability to survive extremely harsh and windy conditions. Usually seen in condominium and office buildings for parking garage openings. One of the main factors that go into this safety is the entrance and the security around the commercial parking garage door. Simple maintenance keeps the door moving, designed without parts that wear. It is stronger than conventional rubber doors, opening up to 67 inches per second (depending on the size of the door).

The operators have a soft starting and stopping opening and closing motion to reduce wear and tear. The door responds dynamically to high pressure and wind loads by increasing resistance until releasing.


These heavy duty roll up doors are rigid with an aluminum slat construction that provides maximum security. In addition, slats can be insulted providing effective energy conservation & noise reduction. With opening speeds of up to 100 inches per second (depending on the application), it drastically improves traffic flow in commercial/industrial applications. Made from anodized aluminum, corrosion is prevented under any weather conditions.

Industry Type:  Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis


  • Heavy-duty muti-layer technology built for durability and withstanding impacts
  • Stainless steel bottom bar can easily be cleaned to maintain sanitary
  • Break-away bottom safety design and self repair capabilities
  • Easy to use configuration options to match your daily operation use


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