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Government facilities are comprised of a wide variety of buildings that are run by federal, provincial and municipal governments. These facilities include general-use, military, national laboratories, correctional facilities and emergency services. All of these facilities need some form of specialty industrial door application. For instance, some government facilities contain highly sensitive information and need to maintain a high level of security. This can be achieved by using doors which detect unauthorized access and possess secure gate technology.

Speak with our Wilcox consultants about upgrading an existing product or designing a new one. We provide high quality products from our partners like Rytec and Assa Alboy that have proven themselves as the industry standard for government facilities across Canada.

Industrial equipment used in Government Facilities

Fire Door drop test

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Government facilities come with many unique building codes and some of them require rolling steel fire doors for effective protection against fires.

Blue Giant Air Powered Dock Leveler

Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers offer exceptional performance and are an integral piece of equipment that provides safety for products to move in and out of trucks.

Hysecurity Strongarm Barrier Arm

Industrial Barrier Arm

Where security is a priority at places like a military base or a correctional facility, an industrial barrier arm can provide effective traffic control.

HySecurity Industrial Barrier Arm Operator

Wilcox has partnered with suppliers like HySecurity to install quality industrial gates and fences when security is a top priority for our clients. When clients are looking for an easy to use and reliable option that is always expected to work, we use HySecurity. Contact Wilcox to discuss how we can bring a secure gate or fence to your property.

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