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Air Curtains

Air Curtains

Berner Air curtains

How do I qualify for an energy rebate on Air Curtains?

How Air Curtains Work

Air curtains also known as Air Barriers are your best option for energy efficiency, high performance and conservation for any type of opening. An air curtain will create an invisible barrier above openings which will isolate different temperature zones without affecting other areas. As a result, this will help with climate control and provide sizable energy cost savings. The most common configuration, is mounted over an opening in a warehouse loading area. A downward-facing blower, prevents outside air from coming in which may include pollutants like dirt, dust, fumes, and insects.

Whether it is new construction or a retrofit installation, our trained technicians are ready to serve your air curtain needs in Ontario. Air curtain energy rebates are often awarded to businesses that qualify. Learn more at incentive programs.

Industry Type: Commercial and multi-tenant, warehouse, malls, manufacturing, transit and truck terminals, underground parking and much more


  • Up to a 75% reduction in energy typically lost out the door.
  • Protect the largest openings from unconditioned air, insects, dust, fumes, and other harmful containment.
  • Openings can reach up to 50 ft high and can be used at loading docks, train bays, airplane hangars, and more.

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