Each year we are constantly looking for new initiatives that push inclusion and education for our team. This year, we put a focus on Orange Shirt Day. Our team is always looking to learn more about Indigenous Peoples, so we thought this initiative help educate. You can learn more about our initiatives for diversity and inclusion on our diversity page, click here.

The Initiative

Orange Shirt Day is an awareness cause designed to commemorate the residential school experience. It is about recognizing, and honouring the healing journey of the survivors of the schools and the effected families. It is also about committing to our ongoing process of reconciliation.

The annual Orange Shirt Day takes place on September 30th. It is an opportunity to enable discussion and education about the effects of Residential School.  From there it helps us build plans and commitments to reconciliation. This date was chosen because it is the time where children were taken from their homes to residential schools. It also helps set the tone for antiracism and bullying for the coming school year.

At Wilcox

At Wilcox we have consistently been open about talking through the struggles of the World. We are a proudly diverse company, so whether it be the struggles of Black, Indigenous, the Gay Community and more, we actively discuss.

To commemorate Orange T-Shirt Day, we had a great showing of individuals who wore orange shirts and support our cause. From there we led into discussion and education.

social distanced red shirt day