The Challenge

The sliding gate at Unilever’s main entry for trucks and service vehicles had a grade-level track assembly. Debris kept getting trapped in the track, and the buildup of snow and ice also caused issues. As a result, there was premature wear on the bearings and rollers, and Unilever needed Wilcox to provide regular service to repair the gate. Service requests became more frequent as colder weather set in.

The issues with the gate needed to be resolved quickly to improve efficiency for the high volume of trucks and service vehicles using the entrance.

The Solution

Wilcox Door Service Accounts team completed an analysis of the total funds Unilever spent servicing the main gate compared with their overall expenses for the previous five years. We used that data to calculate the cost of a new high-performance gate system and estimate the return on investment for a replacement. We partnered with Wallace Perimeter Security, and they installed a new Delta Cantilever sliding gate and operator. It’s an efficient, high-performance gate with a rack and pinion drive system which increases the open and close speed and eliminates several typical wear and tear items. This system is more effective than the chain drive in their previous security gate. The new security gate system is cantilevered and off the ground.

The new gate system has a blue powder-coated finish that was custom made by the factory to match Unilever’s corporate brand colour.


Unilever’s new Delta Cantilever gate system provides these important benefits:

  • faster speed of operation
  • reliable access for trucks and service vehicles
  • reduced concerns about parts wearing out
  • lower maintenance costs
  • fewer business disruptions
  • comprehensive warranty and service package
  • custom colour reinforces Unilever’s brand image

The Wilcox Difference

At Wilcox, we understand the importance of looking at the bigger picture. We help customers identify when a replacement may be a better financial investment than paying for repairs. Unilever appreciated our forward-thinking approach and our thorough assessment of the return on investment of a new security gate system.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a New Security Gate System?

We know how important it is for you to protect your business, operate efficiently, and minimize unnecessary and unplanned expenses. When you choose Wilcox, you’ll get high-quality service and solutions you can count on. With our expertise in commercial security gate systems, we can help you protect your business with the best system for your facility. Contact us today to get an assessment and discuss the benefits of replacing your security gate system. We’re ready to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your business.