The Challenge

The loading dock seals at Peg Perego’s distribution centre were old. The vinyl and foam components of the dock seals were torn. As a result, the dock seals were not sealing properly against the trailers.

The damage to the existing dock seals created air gaps. Those gaps made it impossible for the facility’s heating and cooling systems to operate efficiently and resulted in higher energy costs. It also created an uncomfortable environment for loading dock workers because the indoor climate couldn’t be managed.

The damaged dock seals also created safety concerns. Snow and rain would get on the loading dock and create a slip hazard.

The Solution

Wilcox Door Service’s dock specialists provided a thorough on-site assessment to determine the best solution to meet Peg Perego’s needs. Our dock specialists considered the facility’s operations and the types and sizes of trucks that visit the facility. They also looked at the approach angle for the trucks.

They factored in the opening size of the overhead door, the opening sizes of truck and trailer rear doors, the dock bumper projection, and the mounting surface for the new seals. This enabled the Wilcox team to provide a custom solution unique to the customer’s requirements.

Wilcox’s skilled technicians removed the old dock seals and installed four new compression dock seals with adjustable head curtains. This solution ensures that the dock seals will a superior seal to accommodate the various trailer heights.
Peg Perego’s new dock seals provide these important benefits:

  • protect product shipments being loaded or unloaded at the dock
  • improve energy efficiency of the facility’s heating and cooling systems
  • create a safer work environment for workers loading and unloading the trucks
  • maintain a comfortable working temperature for workers in the warehouse

The Wilcox Difference

Peg Perego chose Wilcox Door Services because of our thorough assessment, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and the high-quality dock seals solution that met their needs and budget. They were also pleased to know they can count on Wilcox for emergency service provided by skilled technicians.

Is It Time to Replace Your Dock Seals?

We know how important it is for you to protect your business, operate efficiently, and minimize unnecessary and unplanned expenses. When you choose Wilcox, you’ll get high-quality service and solutions you can count on. Contact us today to get an assessment and discuss the benefits of replacing your dock seals. We’re ready to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your business.