The incident in which this has been requested is in relation to Wilcox door providing a timely response/repair to provide a temporary overhead door replacement.

The Client in question (Toronto Fire Services) had their truck stolen. During the course of this theft the overhead door of the garage bay that this vehicle was parked in was driven through, causing substantial damage (complete loss) of the door.

As the overhead door (OHD) was damaged beyond repair, and this location is critical to Toronto Fire Services strategic/geographically based response model. It was essential to restore this locations functionality quickly to be able to respond to emergencies and serve the residents and businesses of the City of Toronto. Wilcox Door was able to get on site approx. 11am (once site was released from Toronto Police after their investigation) to assess, remove debris of the old OHD system, and put into action a plan to replace this door with a temporary door. The temporary door was manufactured and installed complete with automatic door operator functionality by 7:30 pm, and Toronto Fire Service was able to put the station back on line to respond to emergencies.

To summarize Wilcox provided a timely response and provided such quick turnaround time on this repair that no temporary wall hoarding was required to secure the building. They kept us updated with timely communications so that all stakeholders could be advised of the progress of this repair.

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