The Problem

A customer has a high-volume equipment repair facility, and it is pricey to upkeep the repairs on their overhead doors with another provider. Wilcox Door was requested to provide a solution to avoid costly, repetitive service calls. The constant repairs were adding up monetarily, but they were also causing the business to lose production time due to only having one active door while the other was broken.

The Older Sectional Door

The Upgraded High-Performance Rubber Door

Joe Iannizi strategized that Wilcox door removes the original sectional doors and install Two (2) Springless High-Performance Rubber doors. The doors carry a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty and are rated for over 1 Million cycles. The high-speed operation of the doors makes the facility eligible for an energy-saving incentive from Enbridge, which reduces the ROI. By reducing the number of moving parts that a conventional sectional door may have, such as springs, cables, and rollers, the newer door will reduce the number of potential service and repair calls in the future. We were able to reuse the In-Ground loops to ensure the exact operations of the doors did not change, ensuring a seamless transition for all employees who interact with the new doors. The new install of the High-Performance Rubber Door is an optimal solution for efficiency and is less costly because of reduced repairs than the previous door.

Rubber warehouse doors
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