The Problem

One of our customers needed the optimal high-speed door solution to contain the cold temperatures on one side of the facility while operating in the cold without any deficiencies.

Install Albany RR300 Chill Door

Ryan Bell suggested that an RR300 Chill Door by Albany would be the most efficient
solution because of its durability and usage load and has upgraded padding for extra insulation.
Also, because the Customer uses long trolley carts carrying flowers, Wilcox integrated BEA
Falcon sensors to pick up carts entering and exiting in the doorway. The Wind bars added more
support to help with the air pressure in the cooling room, along with breakaway technology for
the door to self-adjust if ever struck by a vehicle.

The Customer is satisfied with the results as the new install helped contain the cold temperatures
and the additional features helped their facility to run more efficiently.

Wilcox employee taking notes on a clipboard
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