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This product offer a protective barrier against accidental impacts to machinery and blocks vehicle incursion. It is a short post, primarily steel constructed and used as visual guide to mark as a boundaries to sensitive areas.  Coming in various materials there are steel pipe bollards, concrete and plastic. When bollards are installed, they add an extra level of security for any unauthorized vehicle access. Widely used in warehouses, pedestrian areas and parking bollard installation has saved thousands of lives and millions in damages.



Fixed bollards or safety guarding come in various types of designs and configurations which can be customized to your application and installed quickly. Bollard pricing can be obtained fairly quickly through a site visit and project specification. Wilcox Door Service chooses the best in commercial bollard products from companies like; Iron Guard Safety and Blue Giant.



  • Bollards are usually steel constructed 4″ poles with effective stopping power that offer affordable protection for machinery, equipment and sensitive areas.
  • Automatic Rising Bollards are also used as a method of preventing vehicle access to a property; installed/operated together or individually.
  • General Steel Guarding, this type of guarding is primarily used to protect racking, overhead door tracks and other structure/equipment that might cause potential injury
  • Guardrail System protect pedestrian walkway and create safe paths within warehouse. As well as, protecting high valued machinery – guardrails are durable and withstand multiple impacts.
Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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