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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Hydraulic Trailer Restraints

Hydraulic Trailer Restraints

Wilcox Door Service Truck Restraint BG Hydraulic

The hydraulic trailer restraint keeps your loading dock accidents free and secure during loading and unloading. Trucks and trailers are held firmly in place by a high-visibility barrier-style restraint arm with a force of 32,000 lb. Thus, preventing accidental separation from the loading dock during the cargo handling process.

The truck restraint uses a passive engagement system, meaning its non-impact operation results in less wear on restraint components. One of our Wilcox Door representative can recommend the best restraint for your application.

Product Highlights

  • Truck and trailer restraints can be reconfigured to wall or ground-mounted
  • Interior and exterior LED lights keep drivers and warehouse personnel advised of safety conditions
  • Should an obstacle prevent the restraint arm from properly parking, the arm will dislodge it

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