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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Wheel Chocks


Safety is absolutely critical at the loading dock. Early departure or “trailer creep” are issues that happen all too frequently without proper safety equipment. In order to prevent the trailer from moving unexpectedly during loading or unloading, Wheel Chocks are designed to keep the trailer in place. In the event that trailers continue to move, Wheel Chock Safety Systems provide a more effective solution for locking the truck tire into place and preventing movement. Parking brakes alone are not reliable and can cause major damage to the loading dock or individual.

Wilcox Door Service black wheel chock
Wilcox Door Service Aluminum wheel chock
Wilcox Door Service Laminated wheel chock
Wilcox Door Service Urethane wheel chock


These systems are a solid solution that replace the need for a Wheel Chock and Truck Restraint. Although these two systems are the most common, Wheel Chock Safety Systems are more durable and reliable. The system is built into the ground with a large steel chock mounted on an articulated, counterbalanced arm. The chock is then placed in front of the rear wheel and locks onto a ground plate. Three sensors, an alarm and signal lights provide employees and truck drivers when it is safe to begin loading/unloading into and out of the truck.


  • Security Chain and Wall Bracket allow for quick and easy storage.
  • Caution Sign tells the driver that he must chock the trailer wheels before loading or unloading trailers.

Wheel Chock Service

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