storefront pull up security grilles Storefront locked security gate

Retractable security grilles are manufactured for many common domestic and commercial security uses for entrances. Security grilles are a effective solution for offering a high level of security to large openings for schools and mall entrances. Furthermore, security grilles do not need to be ugly, with multiple designs options you can get slats or different finishes. A physical deterrent like grilles or gates can sometimes be a lot more cost effective than a burglar alarm depending on your application. Retractable security gates and grilles are also used discourage windows access and pedestrian door opening that easily slide to the side. Wilcox Door Service offers many security grille brands including Wayne-Dalton who are recognized in the industry for their strength and stability.

Security grilles and gates are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel to meet any of your security concerns. Automatic security grilles are also available that drop on detection of a fire alarm or security concern. We recommend you contact one of account managers to come out to you and take some dimensions to get you the right price. If you need your security grilles repaired or upgrade learn how we can help.

Industry type: schools, retail, healthcare, parking garage

Benefits: Secure and durable solutions, different patterns available providing visibility and ventilates, stainless steel and aluminum options available, Integration with fire alarm is also available

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