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When manufacturing or handling products in the food and beverage industry, high standards of cleanliness are expected.  Industry specific doors that possess hygienic features help eliminate bacteria build-up.  In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain, which ensures environmental separation, compliance and climate-control.  Food and beverage facilities can be challenging environments with strict and demanding requirements.  Wilcox Door Service is up to the challenge, and is able to find the best solution for your facility.

Minimizing The Food Contamination Process

It takes several steps before food gets to the grocery store and then to your dining table. While food is in these processing plants and distribution centers, they are at their most vulnerable to foodborne illness like E. coli and Salmonella largely due to subpar sanitary practices. To greatly reduce the risk of outbreak in your facility, we suggest the use of these products to control exposure.

Fast Fold Freezer Door Installation Wilcox Door Service

Folding Freezer Doors

If refrigerated meats are not kept at a constant temperature – Folding freezer doors provide easy movement while preventing the spread of contaminants. In a cold storage environment, these folding freezer doors  provide excellent energy efficiency due to their fast opening and closing speed. Learn More

Food Grade Door Installation

Hygienic Hinged GRP Doors

Bacteria living on the surfaces on doors – Hygienic hinged doors are mainly found in meat & fish processing areas and are designed not to harbour any bacteria. These hygienic doors comply with the lastest FDA guidelines.  These are ideal for areas with high traffic and they can withstand various impacts due to their heavy duty construction. Learn More

Large High Speed Rubber Door

High Speed Doors

Refrigerated food left on loading dock – These are a type of high performance door offering superior durability in high traffic areas where impacts are prone to happen. These provide improved energy conservation, a tight seal and with their quick operation they allow two areas to have different temperature zones. Learn More

Bug Screen Doors

How do you keep your industrial doors open without having pests or birds enter your loading dock area? One way is to install a bug screen door. These allow you to have a comfortable work environment. Blocking the infiltration of these pests in your food facility lowers your risk of any bacterial contamination outbreak. With Wilcox on site, we make sure any equipment installed or serviced in your food facility  is safe for your employees and adheres to all food guidelines. – LEARN MORE

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