The Problem

A new grocery store required a parking garage door to be installed. The location of the door was down a ramp. They required the door to have activation devices at the top of the ramp and exit for the door, provide insulation to keep the temperatures regulated, meet the air pressure conditions and be a high-speed reliable solution.
parking garage

Existing opening after construction

parking garage

Modification and Header

installation of door

Beginning putting the door in!

The Solution

Wilcox Door Service partnered with Rytec Doors to install a high-speed insulated Spiral Door to meet all the requirements that the customer had. This type of door had the ability to have the activations installed where they were needed, regulate their temperatures within the parking facility and provide security.

The Spiral door provides no metal-to-metal contact on the panels, which helps reduce the wear on the door panel and provides a quiet operation of the door. It opens up to 60 inches per second to allow for improved traffic flow. The door has a counterbalance system that reduced wear and improve the longevity of the equipment.

parking garage after installation

Entrance/Exit for one side of the facility

parking garage after installation

Other entrance/exit door to match

side profile of parking garage door

Side Profile of Door

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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