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Bug Screen Doors help keep out bugs, debris, while providing ventilation and security.  This acts as an add-on solution to your existing overhead door system, using your present door’s vertical tracks. An alternative to spraying harmful chemicals around your dock are bug screen provide the best in pest control. A switch mechanism is added with a second set of horizontal tracks to implement the screen door. Also available is powder coating, motor operated and dual track installations. Depending on your application/needs, standard lift, high lift, vertical lift, behind rolling and side sliding doors are available.

Wilcox Door using one of the leading industrial bug screen doors in the industryBug Blocker doors by Rasco Industries are in some of the major food packaging/processing plants across North America. They have the highest cleanliness standards as they allow a complete wash-down. Industrial Screen Doors can also be found in high security facilities to allow for extra ventilation as well as security while main doors remain open. Requiring very low maintenance its always recommended to be on a preventative maintenance program to ensure longevity of product.

Industry Types: Warehouse, food processing, packaging and manufacturing

Green Features: Ideal for ventilation during summer months, especially without air conditioning. Energy rebates are often available, inquire with a Wilcox representative


  • Supports FDA/AIB requirements
  • Increase Air circulation in the facility
  • Maintains Sanitation and Controls Air Movement
  • Virtually Maintenance-free
  • Readily installed on Dock Doors, Dumpster Area and Warehouse openings
Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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