Hysecurity slidedriver gate security Wilcox Slide Gate Security System Installation


Commercial Sliding gates are one of the most secure automatic gate systems you can install due to their operations. Once closed, they are virtually impossible to trespass or forcibly access.Unlike swing gates, slide gates do not encroach into the entrance area they slide either side of the opening.  One type of sliding gate operator system utilizes a track system laid across the opening for wheels to run along. The other type, is a Cantilever operator, which uses an above ground track being pushed out from mounting point that is counter balanced.

Typically used in more larger industrial applications, these gate operators come in a variety of horse powers. The heavier the gate you choose the more horsepower you will need. Wilcox Door Service uses  HySecurity’s SlideDriver, the original ultra-reliable and secure hydraulic slide gate operator. Low maintenance and protected by a polyester powder coat providing abrasion resistance and durability to stand up to the elements.

We want to hear from you and your security protection needs. Wilcox offers other alternative method in securing your property like fencingvertical lift gates and folding security gates. Also, we  have extensive experience handling maintenance and repairs to commercial & industrial gate operators.

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