Warehouse workers operating a warehouse door Sliding security gate

The Fortress Heavy Duty Slide Gate is one of the highest quality cantilever gate systems available in Canada.

The heavy slide gate systems is ideal for large openings and uses a double track design. The fortress slide cantilever gates are fabricated from aluminum alloy or steel making it the perfect choice where security and durable is of upmost importance.

Fortress slide gates are used in applications like military bases, airports, research facilities and any other area where security is critical. Furthermore, slide gates are suitable for manual or automatic gate operation and Wilcox has installed at thousands of perimeter security projects across Toronto & Hamilton region.

Depending on your security level requirements Wilcox can recommend the right gate and fencing system that can minimize security threats. Learn more.

Wilcox Door Service carries other gate configurations like Vertical Lift Gates and Anti-ram Gates.


Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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