Wilcox Swing Security Gate with Barbwire Security Swing Gate Operator


Commercial security swing gates are a heavy duty solution for government buildings and highly restricted areas. Swing gates is ideal for location with little to no room to put in a slide or roll gate. Gates lengths can swing up to 24 feet for a single gate and 48 feet for twin post gate operator. Equipped with hydraulic operator fast closing and opening time is between 15-30 seconds. Its also important during operation that there is enough gate lift clearance. So clearing obstacles due to snow or curbs, debris and gradient differences can keep traffic moving in and out seamlessly. Wilcox Door specializes in installing and servicing Hy-Security, one of the leaders in commercial security barriers.

The SwingRiser product line comes in various options and configurations that provide time stamped reports and breaches. Review our other security protection services and products that we can provide your site with.

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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