24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850
24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850



Wilcox Door Service has been installing and repairing commercial steel and wire fencing in the GTA and Hamilton region for many years. Depending on your needs we offer all levels of fencing that secure the premises and control access to the property. Security fencing can be manufactured to to various thickness, lengths or finishes to give a protected edge around any structure you want to prevent unauthorized access to. One of our Wilcox wire fencing specialist can sit with you and create a custom project that addresses your security concerns and budget. Past accomplishments include government buildings, military bases, prisons and manufacturing facilities.

Businesses or institutions with higher levels of security like the military and prisons, you will find more commercial wire fencing like barbed wire being used. Barbed Wire Fences are manufactured to an extremely high standard, available in various diameters and blade sizes. Available for added security in both commercial and industrial fencing applications; temporary or permanent. With it’s aggressive appearance and physical properties, commercial barbed wire fencing will deter even the most determined intruders.

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