The Problem

One of our key customers had added an expansion to their facility and required exterior doors to be installed as well as interior high speed doors to be installed. They needed the exterior doors to maintain the temperatures inside and the high-speed door to be low maintenance and provide vision into the other areas of the building.        

The Solution

Sectional Doors

Wilcox is dealer of Richards-Wilcox sectional doors, a leading brand in the industry. They utilize a polyurethane injection method to insulate their panels; this allows the insulation to be completely consistent throughout the panels and no pockets of air to be present. With this type of sectional door, Wilcox was able to meet the temperature and R-Value demands of the Food customer on the exterior doors.
Commercial loading door replacements

Existing Opening

Commercial loading door replacement inside view

Existing Opening

entrances from outside

R-W Installed Doors from Exterior

High Speed Door

Wilcox installed a Rytec PredaDoor for the high-speed solution. The PredaDoor was the perfect solution for the Food facility as it provides a tight perimeter seal, advanced wireless safety systems and durable components for speed, low maintenance and dependability.  It has a Quick-set repair system to minimize downtime as well.

Inside view new loading door

Installed PredaDoor at the Food facility

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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