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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Crane Systems

Crane Systems

Richards-Wilcox Custom-Cranes No longer Manufactures or Services Crane Systems

For over 90 years, we have been providing crane service from Toronto to Hamilton on hoist and gantry crane. Many of the overhead cranes and crane operators we manufactured are still around today and being used in new construction sites. Through regular inspections or crane service repair by trained technicians, equipment life is prolonged by preventing wear and tear. These construction cranes are used on many major sites and come in a wide range of sizes and capacities. We have switched this side of the business over to a proven crane vendor. They have qualified technicians that are always up-to-date with proper crane operator training.

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When do cranes need to be inspected?

Crane inspection and examination, as required by law, depends on the classification, the frequency and the number of cycles on which the equipment is being used. Preventive maintenance programs can be customized based on your crane system and equipment specifications. They prevent equipment safety issues, breakdowns and advert component failures. Not only does this avoid unnecessary production downtime, but it saves both time and money.

The industrial equipment we do service

Wilcox Door Service now focuses on installing and servicing commercial doors, loading docks and security gate solutions. Cutting your operation costs by offering energy efficient and low maintenance products is our goal. Our 30 fully stocked trucks come equipped to repair any equipment the first time – even on emergency calls. Contact us for fast and reliable service and repair.


Recommended inspection frequency

Crane service is at slow speeds with long, idle periods between lifts required.

Recommended Frequency: Annual

Crane service is light and the speed is slow. Single-Shift Operations.

Recommended Frequently: Annual or Semi-Annual

Crane handling loads on average 50% of the rated capacity. Double or triple shift operation.

Recommended Frequency: Bi-Monthly to Quarterly

Crane handling loads approaching 50% of the rated capacity will be handled constantly during the working period. Triple shift operation.

Recommended Frequency: Monthly

Crane handles loads approaching a rated capacity throughout lift. Triple shift operation.

Recommended Frequency: Weekly to Bi-Weekly

Crane is capable of handling loads approaching a rated capacity continuously under severe service conditions throughout it’s life. Triple shift operations.

Recommended Frequency: Weekly

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