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5-blade Polyethylene High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans blend layers of air together (destratify) to equalize overall temperature. This prevents product spoilage in warehouses with high storage areas where temperature is much warmer. Improve airflow, save on energy and reduce perceived temperature by 7-11 degrees. Moisture levels are also reduced, keeping your floors drier and safer. In addition, fans set in reverse during the winter months bring cool air up and warm air down to floor level. Overall, HVLS fans serve as a year-long tool to save on energy and increased employee comfort levels. Click to see how they work.

Industry Type: Commercial and multi-tenant, fire halls and EMS, Automotive dealership, warehouse, agricultural, manufacturing, transit and truck terminals, pulp and paper, underground parking, high security


  • Improve safety: Reduced condensation makes floor safer from slippage.
  • Increase productivity: Cool Your employees and reduce heat breaks.
  • Reduce cost: Receive benefits for less than a toonie a day.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption: Save over 25% on cooling and heating costs.
  • Incentive and rebates: Ontario has excellent program available and we can help you leverage them.
  • Oil-free and Low maintenance Free: This fan has only two moving parts and uses an oil-free direct drive motor leak-free!.

This Product may qualify for an Energy Rebate

HVLS fans lower your energy bills in your facility

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