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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Specialty Doors

Industrial Specialty Doors


Wilcox provides a wide range of Pedestrian Door options including Swinging Aluminum/Glass, Automated, Fire-Rated, Wheel Chair Accessible and Steel Man Doors. With any installation, our focus is to determine the exact use of the door. Is it a main entrance? Who is using it: staff or visitors? Are there security concerns? Does it need to be wheelchair accessible or fire-rated? This helps us create the best solution for your entrance/exit doors as well as match the correct type of locks and hardware. Windows (with or without wiring to limit the glass shattering) or full glass doors also available depending on your unique needs. Just looking for a repair? Our staff of fully trained, insured, and licensed professionals assess damaged doors, commercial glass and offer an informative consultation, service and installation.

Types: Honeycomb, Insulated, Steel Stiffened

Accessories: Panic Bars, Hold Open Arm, Closer


  • Steel Doors outlast their wood counterparts by 10 years
  • Better insulated, vandal-resistant and longer-lasting than wood or fiberglass doors
  • Commonly used as exterior and interior doors as well as fire-rated openings (up to 3 hours).
  • Come in 3 gauges: 16 for heavy duty use, 18 for moderate-duty use and 20 for light-duty use


Protect valuable equipment and reduce your insurance premiums. Blast-Resistant doors provide protection from accidental blasts that can save your workers and company merchandise. Ideal for oil refineries, gas distilleries or explosive manufacturing plants.


Built to last a lifetime, Wilcox rolling grilles are an example of our commitment to quality and value. They have been manufactured with proven materials for decades, designed with aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel. Operators are also optional for ease of use. Ventilated security doors and grilles offer security, visibility and ventilation, ideal for outdoor parking lots.


Hangar Doors are bottom supported, top guided sliding walls that allow aircrafts or large equipment access to storage and maintenance areas. The Bottom Rolling hangar door system is built to endure massive wind loads and withstand strong weather conditions. The poly foam filled vertical weather seal bulbs offer the tightest, most reliable all-weather protection allowing for long-lasting performance reliability. The bi-parting configuration of our bottom rolling hangar doors is the most popular and probably the style of hangar doors that comes to most people’s mind. The doors open from the middle and can have anywhere from one section to five door sections on each side. Each leading door section has an electric motor drive system that is mounted internally. These options allow you to choose what will best fit your needs. Hangar doors are durable, low maintenance, simple to operate with one or more electric drives and engineered to suit large openings. Additional options include structural, stainless steel, concrete or special facings for the required appearance of high end projects.

Industry Types: Aircraft industry, such as for industrial, government, farming and agriculture


Multiplex Steel Doors have been designed (with fewer moving parts) to eliminate the deterioration of hinges, rollers and torsion springs that other common door types endure. This ensures effortless operation, either by geared chain hoist or electric operator. These features result in lower maintenance cost and less downtime. Multiplex Doors are best suited for areas of high use, excessive dirt, dust or wet environments, high winds and where maintenance is not available. These steel doors perform up to 500,000 cycles without fail in any environment.

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