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24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Vertical Storing Dock levelers

How a Vertical Storing Dock Leveler works

Vertical Dock levelers are a perfect choice for lowering your energy because the dock is parked upright. This allows your overhead doors to close completely and preventing internal temperature from escaping. These are more energy-efficient than your traditional pit leveler. Vertical Dock Leveler is the perfect loading dock solution in applications like food warehousing or cold storage where a sterile environment is needed. Vertical storing dock leveler typically eliminate any impact damage to overhead doors done by forklifts and allows truck/trailers to backup completely before opening the doors.

Wilcox Door Service has the experience and capability of servicing all brands of dock levelers in the GTA and Hamilton region. We choose Blue Giant dock levelers because of there advance safety features, warranty and minimal maintenance. Talk to one of our experts about vertical dock leveler needs – Get Info

Benefits of a Vertical Dock leveler to Customers

  • Improves internal temperature control
  • Reduces the risk of door damage
  • Minimizes debris entry
  • Integrated Safe Guards allowing safe servicing
  • Higher productivity with smooth transition design

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