Part of the total cost of ownership for any purchase is the maintenance and upkeep related costs.  From your vehicle to your home, we all understand the concept of ongoing expenses.  A door is no different – a door requires maintenance, and a door could stop working.  One of the easiest ways to reduce your total cost of ownership is to have a Planned Maintenance program in place at your facility.  Regular “check-ups” by experts can help you keep costs down because regularly maintained equipment is less likely to break down in the first place.  Although there is a cost associated with a service agreement, it is far more economical to pay for the agreement than to pay for a one off service call that could severely impact your business.

Here is an example: if a main shipping door at your facility is not inspected and parts are being worn out from daily use/wear and tear, the door could stop opening. This may result in a very expensive service call as larger parts may have broken down at this point. On top of the cost for parts, there is a hourly charge for the technician needed for the repair. Also, it could completely halt productivity at your facility due to the door losing function.  When you are on a Planned Maintenance program, signs of wear and tear are readily noticed and a disastrous situation can be avoided.  This means business can continue as usual!

Risk of Injury can lead to expense lawsuit

Other than losing time or money by having a non-functioning door, a cost that should also be considered is the cost of safety.  A spring that snaps can drop a door and put nearby people at risk.  Workplace injuries are a very serious matter that can result in financial burden to your company.  Having a Planned Maintenance program in place can ensure that your door is regularly inspected and the necessary parts are replaced to keep your door working as if it is brand-new.