You’ve invested in efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems for your buildings. You expect this investment will help you manage increasing costs for natural gas and electricity. You also expect this investment will reduce your company’s carbon footprint. But you won’t see these benefits if you haven’t addressed the issue of air flow at your loading dock. 

Instead of saving money, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year!

Our team at Wilcox Door Service can fix this for you. We can help you get maximum energy efficiency by installing air curtains in your loading docks and other doorways.


What is an air curtain?

An air curtain (also called an air barrier) is a moving curtain of air that creates an invisible barrier between your building and the outdoors. When it’s cold outside, air curtains stop the cold air from getting inside your building. When it’s hot outside, they keep the heat out. 

Air curtains ensure your heating and cooling systems run efficiently — they won’t waste energy fighting the weather that’s going on outside your doors. They’ll help you control your indoor climate and deliver significant energy cost savings.


How do air curtains work? 

The air curtains are installed inside the building. The most common configuration is over the door frame. Powered by a fan, air is drawn into the unit. Then a stream of air is blown down to the floor, forming an invisible barrier. This barrier separates the interior and exterior environments, giving you a consistent temperature and humidity level inside your loading dock.

Air curtains create a barrier strong enough to keep out pollutants like dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, and insects. 

Air curtains don’t restrict the movement of people through the door — people can move freely through the doorway, and your daily operations won’t be interrupted. And because the barrier helps you control the indoor climate, everyone inside the building will stay comfortable, even with the doors open.

Can air curtains improve your operations? 

If you have exterior doors that need to stay open for long periods of time or have frequent traffic passing through, you’ll want to consider air curtains. While they’re a common solution for large openings, they can be used for most door frames. 

Many types of buildings can benefit from air curtains. Air curtains can be installed in openings as high as 50 feet. That makes them an excellent solution for a variety of openings including loading docks, train bays, and airplane hangars.

Here are a few examples of operations that will benefit from installing air curtains as a way to improve energy efficiency and minimize pollutants:

  • Hospitals
  • Food processing plants
  • Food preparation operations
  • Pharmaceuticals and health care
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers

Air curtains are the best option to improve your energy efficiency: they can help you achieve up to 85% efficiency! 

Three key benefits of air curtains 

  1. You’ll get greater energy efficiency and lower natural gas expenses.

  • Your heating and cooling systems will run efficiently.
  • You will reduce energy loss by up to 75%.
  • You can save up to 20% on your natural gas bill.
  • You may qualify for an energy rebate.
  1. You’ll protect the health and safety of your people and your operations.

  • You’ll keep pests and pollutants out of your building. 
  • A comfortable working environment will improve employee efficiency. 
  • A healthy environment reduces health and safety issues.
  1. Your actions will have a positive environmental impact.

  • You will reduce your natural gas consumption and your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Your actions will demonstrate leadership and concern for the environment.

Why choose Wilcox Door Services for your air curtains? 

We know how important it is for you to operate efficiently and get the most out of your work day. When you choose Wilcox Door Services, you can count on us to make the installation process easy for you — with minimal disruption to your business operations. 

We’ve built good relationships with gas companies across Canada. We’ll simplify the process with the gas companies by helping you with the paperwork and requirements. You can focus on your business while we focus on getting you set up to save energy and costs as quickly as possible.

Our certified technicians will handle your installation efficiently and safely. And you can count on us for support and emergency services. If you need us, we’re available 24 hours/day — every day.


Let’s chat and see what energy savings we can generate for you 


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