Dynahoist operator Dynahoist operator Dynahoist operator Dynahoist operator

Dyna-Hoist Operator

The Dyna-Hoist Operator is a leap forward in the Operator Industry. It is an easy to install, reliable, simple to use unit with several features to help customize. Best of all, this operator can speed up your sectional door to 24″ per second which improves speed & thermal efficiencies for your drive-in and shipping doors.





  • Weatherproof Encoder: offers real-time monitoring of the position of the door
  • Soft Start & Soft Stop function: easy limit setting and dual stage opening
  • Programmable Speed: Built for opening speeds up to 24″ per second
  • Easy Installation: simply slides onto the keyed solid shaft of any counter-balanced door
  • Cycle Counter: Display up to 10,000,000 door cycles
  • Battery Back-up
  • Large Back Lit LCD Display
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