24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850
24h Emergency Service: 905-274-5850


Property Management

Property Managers should consider several products for their condos, office buildings, malls or plazas; from parking garages and entrance doors, reliable security access and shipping areas. Our products help regulate traffic in parking areas, enhance your building’s aesthetics and ensure safety for visitors, tenants and workers. Parking garage doors have high volume cycles which might need routine maintenance, but you’ll never have to worry about downtime with Wilcox master technicians.  We recommend the right products to property managers so your organization has the opportunity for energy savings and potential economic returns.

Reliable and low maintenance products for your property efficiency

barrier arm lift

High Traffic Rubber Doors

Wilcox has installed and serviced many of these High Traffic Rubber doors in condominiums/apartments in and around the GTA. We can recommend a break-away feature that prevents damage to the door and resets automatically with no service call needed.


Automatic Doors

When high traffic areas like a mall or apartment entrance are a concern, various types of automatic doors will improve convenience, energy efficiency and safety for both residents and guests.

Wilcox Gates Fencing

Steel & Wire Fencing

Wilcox has earned a reputation of installing secure and high quality fencing to protect the perimeter of many properties in the GTA and Hamilton region.

Driving to a repair

Property Management Services

Managing your property assets correctly is one of the most important factors in maintaining equipment and avoiding costly repairs. Our experienced technicians respond quickly to emergencies and we offer scheduled maintenance programs that improve the longevity of your doors and docks. At Wilcox, it is our goal to ensure that your properties do not experience downtime and that your staff and visitors are kept safe.  Contact Wilcox Door Service today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your property needs  – LEARN MORE

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